Quiet on Set...

Nicky has had the fortunate opportunity to reach a wider audience through a number of interviews, print articles, radio and You Tube appearances.  Nicky delivers sound bites of quality health and wellbeing information with eloquence, humour and relevance.  If you would like Nicky to appear on your screens or airwaves, please reach out to her here.

Below are some of Nicky's appearances and interviews.  We hope you enjoy them!

101 FM Logan

Nicky is a regular guest on the morning show with the enigmatic Mike Bennett on Logan 101FM radio, talking all things health and wellbeing....

Nicky Wood 28th June 2021
00:00 / 10:10

Suvi Mahonen Interview 

Freelance journalist Suvi Mahonen interviews Nicky on the question - Can Natural Medicine and Conventional Medicine work together?  Find out more here.