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Nicky Wood

Naturopath|Homeopath/ Herbalist | Clinical EFT Practitioner

Awarded a Fellow of ATMS

Naturopath of the Graduating Year 1995


Whilst studying applied sciences to become a Naturopath (between 1992 and 1995) I also embarked on a career in the health retreat industry in the role of Program Co-ordinator and Naturopath for two of Australia’s most exceptional and pioneering health retreat facilities.  Midway through my studies, I was selected to travel throughout Japan and Taiwan with a well known Australian entertainer as his health advisor. 


Upon returning to Australia, I continued with developing my career in the health retreat industry, providing sound professional advice to thousands of exhausted, fatigued guests that were struggling with their health and lifestyle balance.  I was also engaged to speak at conferences in Australia, the USA and Canada on positive lifestyle strategies to corporate groups.


With my interest piqued in the development of business infrastructure within the spa industry, I commenced a Global Spa Operations role for Mandara Spa and Hyatt International in exotic locations such as Borneo, Caribbean, Brazil, and Japan and Australia. This gave me the additional expertise in Spa Management within the specialised arena of new hotel and spa openings, and with my team. I created and supervised the delivery of new international spa standards for Hyatt International. This further solidified my perspective of balancing employee health in the workplace.


In 2004, I became a mum to my daughter, Phoebe, who faced extreme challenges and many surgeries as a result of being born with a Cleft Lip Palate, Erb's Palsy, Craniosynostosis/Scaphocephaly and Talipes. In a vulnerable position of now a 'patient' seeking guidance and support through a quagmire of on-going health problems and hospitalisations - I consulted my homeopathic mentor and teacher for care and guidance through this challenging time.


This was a life-changing turn of events and it is not lost on me how we find each other in this world when the timing is right...


Sadly, my amazing Mentor Lorraine passed away in 2009 and passed onto me her incredible depth of knowledge and understanding on the laws of healing, and the application of modalities that over 30+ years, had worked successfully for thousands of Lorraine’s patients.  It was here where I created Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies to provide a transition of support for Lorraine's patients as well as a building upon the platform for her already well-known and respected clinic. 


Today, I aspire to practice Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Clinical EBEFT (Evidence  Based Tapping) in my private clinic in Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast/NSW Border and enjoy the rewards of my mothering role to a very happy, healthy and thriving teen-daughter.  Gathering my professional skills and expertise and combining that with my personal experiences, I offer a wide scope of powerful and clinical support tools to help manage the wellbeing of working families and corporate entities struggling with health concerns and challenges.


I am also passionate about delivering inspiring educational and entertaining keynote presentations on various wellness topics to a myriad of corporate companies.


I look forward to the possibility of working with you - creating a life of ABUNDANT HEALTH for you and your loved ones! 


Nicky  xx


My Passion ...

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