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I'm Here To Help 

As a practitioner of over 25 years, and from my roles as Spa Director for Hyatt International - a role that required a keen eye for systems and the guest experience - I revere the mentoring relationship as one of the most important business patterning you can have.


Engaging an experienced mentor allows you to level up your business strategy and commitments to align with your personal goals. More importantly it makes way for you to feel reconnected and motivated to carry out your business dreams.

Regardless of whether your business is in health care or another industry, the application is inherently the same.

See below for some further information on how I can help support you and your business to reach the growth you both have the potential for . 

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Mentoring Services 

Using my Five Executives In Wellness for Your Business Plan structure, I offer you my mentoring services.  These are all tailored to your business type, flow and industry and include:

Corporate Visions and Mission Statements

Self Care prompters

Honing your Intuitive Executive Decision Making 

Reverse Engineering of Work Flow

Preparing for the Next Generation of Customers and Employees

Holistic Business Strategies

Touchpoint Improvements (customer journey)


Your mentoring sessions can include any or all of the following support services:

Comprehensive Needs Analysis Session

If you know or do not know what you want to focus in on, this is a great starting point where we get to build your ultimate business dream list. Identifying and targeting blocks to growth is a hall mark of this session, and we set an intention and pathway out of resistance to your realising your new chapter.

* Systems and Flow

All businesses require smooth flowing systems no matter what industry it represents, and all good systems start with a clear understanding on what your end user experiences. Together we will reverse engineer that experience and create systems that ensure all stages of the customer experience reflect a five star rating. 

*Clinic Specific Strategy and Solution Sessions

For health practitioners, I understand the pitfalls of a start up business and the challenges of keeping it going. Whether you see virtual or face to face clients, run a dispensary or use a third party dispensary, I can guide you on ways to sharpen up the implementation of time and cost effective approaches.  These strategy sessions are punchy solutions oriented appointments, be ready to take notes and implement plans.

*As Above So Below - Achieving Congruency 

As the name intimates, the clearer your vision and self actualisation in your business's mission, the faster and more effective the realisation of this is manifested in your team.  If you are finding your results are just not quite hitting the mark, your team are lacking lustre and focus, and it seems like the whole organisation is swimming against the stream, this session is a great reset opportunity to make sure your leadership style is also aligned with your intentions to build a successful business.


To arrange a discovery call with Nicky on how she can help you with mentorship, please reach out here 

61+ 438461178

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