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Clinical EBEFT
(Evidence Based Emotional Freedom Technique)


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, is an emotional support technique that addresses debilitating self limiting beliefs. Trained by Dr Peta Stapleton Ph.D. - Australia's leading researcher in this area and author of The Science of Tapping,Nicky has helped hundreds of patients feel free and clear of their emotional binds.

The science behind EFT is growing and is considered to be a game changer in energy psychology and healing circles.  EFT is practised worldwide by people in many countries and in many languages with promising long term results.  Regardless of where you live, the effect is the same. Our body has a response to the combination of dialogue and touch that surpasses many other emotional support therapies. 


As a Clinical EFT Practitioner, Nicky is trained to recognise that emotional stress can diminish your body's natural healing ability, and that our brains store a memory of the events that cause us distress.  We often reference that memory and react (or over react) accordingly, based on that first memory vs the actual current situation.  For example, if you experienced loss as a young child of your best friend or favourite toy, your brain may reference that intensity of emotion and assign it to losing your car keys as an adult.  Sometimes we don't understand the why behind the reaction - and  in an EFT session, that is often revealed and released - gently and effectively.


Nicky's EFT session for you is directed at allowing your brain to recognise the negative emotion that it remembers having from an event, memory, person or experience. These negative emotions can also result in physical and performance difficulties. The techniques used during the session will soon have you feeling light and unencumbered - ready to face a new approach to your're free!


EFT does not use needles or any invasive implements like acupuncture does, but it is also often referred to as 'psychological acupressure' as it follows the similar journey on your upper body to acupuncture meridians.  MRI research shows the effect tapping has on the brain, and in particular the amygdala - the primitive brain where our most uncomfortable emotions arise from. Just tapping one point can have profound effect on calming an irrational mind...


EFT utilises two simultaneous processes:   While we concentrate on the specific emotional, physical, or performance issue to be fixed, we tap certain meridian points on our body with our fingertips. When correctly performed, EFT combines the benefits of conventional cognitive therapy with the physical benefits of meridian stimulation by your own touch.


Tapping is very easy to learn and can be utilised anytime and anywhere. It is a true “do-it-yourself” process that enhances all sorts of health and wellness ailments I work within a Naturopathic capacity. 


Learning to use EFT is simple.  It blends focused wording with a nine-point tapping sequence. The focused wording concentrates your mind on the issue you want to address, and this, in turn, points our mind to the energy disruptions that you need to clear. Once you are concentrating on the emotional, physical, or performance matter you wish to improve; tapping is used to stimulate the energy pathways, thereby clearing the resulting energy disruptions causing your problem.

Tapping is often used to help with:





Habits and Cravings

Money Blocks


Learning Challenges

Study Blocks 

Immune Support

Success Blocks...and so much more!




















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