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Specialist Online Oncology Support
For Patients & Carers

A cancer diagnosis is commonly the most feared medical condition humans can be delivered, however its not a condition that fits under the

same prognostic umbrella for everyone, and every cancer.  Whilst I recognise and respect the seriousness of this diagnosis, there are many contributing factors that has led to your body developing this condition, and there are many contributions that can be made to support your body's innate healing power. As a Naturopath, I am not permitted to 'treat the cancer' fact - this goes against the very ethos of Naturopathic Philosophy. Instead, I support the person (and their support team) in managing the mind and body as it traverses through the ever changing process that is modern day oncology.  Whether you decide on full traditional cancer treatment therapies (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation,  

I have created a Month by Month Online Support Program for both patients and loved ones throughout this challenging time.    

  • I will meet you where you are at in your stage of illness and YOUR desire for treatment outcomes with thorough Consultation and ongoing support

  • I will work closely with your oncological team on an as-needed basis.

  • I respect your decisions to incorporate traditional styles of treatments with complementary therapies.    

  • I offering sound dietary principles at all stages of treatment to implementing specific botanical medicine protocols to enhance treatment outcomes and cellular health.

  • I offer Nutritional medicine and botanical medicine and support programs.

  • I offer advice to my Patients' supporters, such as partners, parents, children, siblings, and other family and appointed friends. 

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