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  • What can I expect with my Initial Naturopathic visit?
    The priority is to gather a detailed history of your health to date, to ensure all safety and consideration for your well being is considered. This is also how I assess how the first stage of your program is going to be planned, and with the big picture in view. Before graduating all medical practitioners and Naturopaths take the Hippocratic Oath - First Do No Harm and Nicky takesthat oath with due respect to her patients. Details on your medications, current supplementation intake and other medical data are taken and carefully considered in light of contraindications to your Naturopathic program. Blood pressure and pulse readings plus iris (iridology), tongue and nail diagnosis, urine analysis and specified test requests may be recommended or performed where necessary. Saliva, urine, faecal and blood tests are requested predominantly through Nutripath Functional Pathology (or similar). You may bring copies of your own test results and reports that may be immediately available via your GP. These will be scanned and uploaded to your digital record.
  • How many visits will I need until I start to feel better?
    This depends on your health goals and the steps needed to be taken to reach those. Some patients have more complex cases which require a steady and consistent approach over a longer period of time. In saying that, your first appointment program is designed to bring a positive change to your condition within the first two weeks. Other cases are far more straightforward and may be resolved in an initial and a follow up appiointment two to three weeks later. Please expect that at least one follow up will be recommended to ensure you are on the right track or to help reinforce your direction. Generally this is the approach I take with my patients: Initial appointment - 75 minutes 2 Weeks after Initial - Follow Up appointment - 30-45 minutes depending on reivew of test results set in your first appointment. 2 -4 Weeks after first Folllow Up - 30 minute to set the long term self managed program where possible. 3 Month Follow Up - 45 minutes to ensure your maintenance is well established and that nothing new has arisen. 6 Monthly Follow Up - 45 minutes - ongoing unless otherwise indicated. These are seasonal change follow ups, maintenance check ins, new conditions updates, wellbeing 'next level' appointments.
  • Are my visit covered my Medicare?
    I am not an AHPRA Registered practitioner, and as such, I cannot offer Medicare rebates to your appointments. Please discuss with your accountant if your appointments can be claimed for tax purposes.
  • Am I covered by my Private Medical Insurance?
    As of April 2019, Naturopathy, along with 16 other 'alternative' health care modalities, were removed from your private medical insurance inclusions. Please discuss this further with your individual funds.
  • What sort of functional diagnostic testing do you offer - and what are the approximate costs?
    Functional Pathology is a method of testing the fluids, by-products or 'leftovers' from your body's metabolic processes. It is also a form of pathology that examines the optimal function of your body and what pathways may be impeded in doing so. Whether it is checking how well your liver performs in its daily detoxification role, to the balance of production of reproductive and stress hormones - this form of testing is very useful and in most cases, samples can be collected in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Most of these tests do not require a needle to gather a sample. See below for the range of testing available at our clinic. A diet and supplemental program with handouts will be set then reviewed at a follow up consult in two to four weeks time. * On average the costs of Functional Pathology Tests are an extra $50+. I arrange for those to be requested via our approved labs and the relevant kits with instructions are sent to your home, where you either retrieve the sample required in the comfort of your home, or you take the kit to a pathology lab (QML/Medlab/Sullivan and Nicolaides) for retrieval and storage ie blood/serum/plasma. All tests are paid for by you directly to the lab that we are requesting them through. You will receive email notification on these.
  • What supplements do you work with, and why?"
    I work with a number of reputable and reliable supplements that range from pre-blended tablets, capsules and powders that blend nurtients like herbs, vitamins and minerals together (or separately). I enjoy the magic of selecting and blending your own tailored herbal tinctures and creating formulas just for your specific needs, and across a number body systems. I also work with homeopathic formulas as a wonderful modality for all ages with specific reference to children and their success in compliance with this form of support. I only work with products that have been approved by regulatory bodies to be used in Australia, and I run a scrutinised eye over these as well, to ensure they fall within my high standard of prescribing for my patients. If you have any questions about the safety of your products, please reach out and book a supplement review appointment using our online booking system.
  • What do Naturopaths and Homeopaths study in Australia?
    I graduated my studies which qualified me to practice Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Remedial Massage in 1995 with a Diploma of Applied Science, whch was the accepted qualification at the time. Since then I have continued to upgrade and maintain my education as required by my association (ATMS), and I choose to do extra training in these modalities. I never stop learning. I have also studied under Dr Peta Stapelton the modality of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping for practitioners, and Tapping for Trauma. Today, Naturopaths studying are required to graduate with a minimum qualification of Advanced Diploma of Applied Science, however they are not commonly also able to confidently prescribe homoeopathy following these studies.
  • Nothing else has worked for me, why should I consider Naturopathy?"
    You may not yet have found the 'key' that unlocks your health potential, but believe me when I say - there is one! I have been in practice since 1995 and in that time I have seen thousands of cases where the patient has been told - 'There's nothing you can do, you'll have to learn to live with it'. Such are the failings of a health system that excludes other modes of wellness support. It delights me to say that these are the cases where the most satisfaction is felt by the patient, not to mention their sense of self control again, over the health condition they were previously told to uncomfortably live with. Naturopathic practitoners take a deep dive into your health history, take time to listen to you as a person, and receive your health condition as a welcome challenge, and part of the sum of who you are that day, but not the sum of the whole! As an experienced Naturopath, I have a plethora of options up my sleeve when it comes to getting results and it is doing so that I can confidently guide you to the health goals you have set for yourself.
  • What Regulations to Naturopaths have in Australia?
    Naturopathy is not a regulated modatlity within the field of health care, but this does not mean that Naturopaths are a danger to your health. This industry has been ruminating regulation since before I became a qualified practitioner. Everytime there is a consideration of doing so, there is an resounding 'no thanks' from practitioners all over Australia. In saying this, regulations and standards of practice do apply to ALL Naturopaths who are registered by their associations as members. This membership confirms that the practitioner has studied formally and passed their qualifications to permit them to practice, be insured and purchase specially formulated therapeutic strength supplements to assist wtih your health care. We are also bound by the Hippocratic Oath, which, like medical practitioners, we take as a part of our graduation.
  • Should I tell my GP that I am working with a Naturopath?
    I would always support an open and transparent communication with your medical team, including your GP, regardless of their personal views of working with Naturopathic care. You are my priority. In my experience, the very best health care outcome for my patients occurs when all consulting health care practitioners are combining their focus on your wellness and not competing against each other for the monopoly of your body, and its needs for returning to homeostasis. I encourage you to share your decision to consult with a Naturopath and I am open (with your written permission to do so), to sharing with your practitoners, information about your health care program and scientific evidence to back it up with.
  • Is my information kept private and confidential?
    Yes, I uphold your right to privacy and confidentiality when it comes to your personal information.
  • Is Naturopathic Medicine proven by Science?
    Indeed, there is a plethora of gold standard scientific studies performed on many of the ingredients we use in your health care. If you would like to access anything specific, please let me know and I will be happy to furnish you with the relevant studies relating to your program. Unfortunately, our industry has come under unneccessary and unscruplous attack on the efficacy and scientific relevance of our approaches to support you on your journey to wellness. Regardless, our industry continues to grow in strength and resilience as part of the tenets of how we look after our own health and wellness.
  • Do Naturopaths work with other Health Professionals?
    Commonly, Naturopaths will have quality referrals to assist in your health care outcomes. From Acupuncture, to Chiropractic and Osteopathic support, to massage and medical guidance, as your Naturopath, I take this referral process on board as part of your health care journey - and important and practical part.
  • How are Naturopaths different from GPs and Doctors?
    Naturopaths are not allowed to prescribe medicines and pharmaceuticals nor are we allowed to alter your prescriptions - which is why you are encouraged to let your GP or Doctor know you are consulting a Naturopath as some medications may need to be dose adjusted for your safety and efficacy. Naturopaths generally spend no less than 30 minutes (and that is a short consult) for your first appointment, and more commonly at least an hour to 90 minutes in a face to face appointment. Following that, most Naturopaths will also do extra research around your case or provide you with extra reading material, questionnaires to complete and handouts to explain more about supporting your condition in the home. Further, only GPs and Doctors can arrange for scans and examinations such as MRI, Ultrasound, CT Scan, Body Density Scans and XRays. Some pathology must also be done through your GP but most Naturopaths have access to pathology requests and are able to interpret them confidently for you.
  • Is it safe to combine naturopathic medicine with prescription medications?
    In most cases, yes there is a high degree of safety to combine both medication and supplement prescription together, but this is very much a case by case situation. This again, another reason why keeping your GP up to speed with your other health care decisions is important. There are possible nutrient/herb/drug adverse interactions and contraindications which both practitioners should be aware of. As a Naturopath, I refer to research tools and databases to ensure healthy and safe polypharmacy and cross prescribing.


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