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Corporate Wellness

 Do you have team members who are struggling with productivity and engagement?

Have you considered creating a Wellness at Work program to support their health and wellbeing?  

Studies show that our future generations value work life balance over making money, because they are essentially aware that achieving the balance offers more longevity to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Also, the 'emerging technology generations' understand intrinsically that if they choose to do so, they possess the tools, audience and ability to create a side hustle, earn an income worthy of an instagram boast and replace their salary.  So what do you offer that keeps them engaged in their workplace, carrying out your company's corporate vision? 

The answer simply is: They FEEL valued by their employer of choice.


I provide measured and sound Corporate Wellness Programs that support the growing needs of a progressive business or company that would like to:

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce sick leave

  • Enhance their profile as an employer of choice

  • Retain loyal employees

  • Reduce training costs and costs created by frequent staff turnover

  • Instil a culture of 'anything is possible' and resilience in teams

My Corporate Wellness Programs offer a wide variety of services to support your company goals and vision – no matter how small or large your group is.  I can tailor our programs to suit your budget whilst meeting your needs and ensure that you receive regular feedback in the form of quarterly reports that provide metrics  on how our programs have impacted on your employees.

Would A Measured Assessment on The Health Of Your Business and Focused Solutions Be Helpful?


  • I perform a stringent needs analysis (Wellness Audits) through survey and workplace observation – quantifying current production costs of the company’s current wellness, and how these expenses may be positively impacted by improved employee wellbeing.

  • I facilitate workshops to implement the programs as recommended by the Wellness Audit performed.

  • I create internal information portals that employees can access at any time to book in for sessions, classes, workshops or reviews, to read articles of interest provided by us and any other updates to their company’s Wellness Program.

  • I provide quarterly reviews on the financial and ‘human’ impact of the program to the executive team.

  • My team of professionals coordinate and conduct health assessments including fitness checks, diet and supplement assessments, blood pressure and pulse checks, cholesterol and triglyceride tests, personal vitality assessments, body composition analysis (reads level of hydration, fat composition, lean muscle mass amongst many other elements), mood balance assessments and stress assessments.  Cardiovascular risk assessments are also a popular offering.


Our Naturopathic Pillars For Corporates:

First Do No Harm  |
Support your teams and systems with workshops, presentations and individual assessments that are in harmony with natural processes and your work environment.


The Healing Power of Nature   |
Contractors whose aim is to contribute to your teams' overall health using natural methods and practices. Our message is to trust in the body's inherent wisdom to heal itself and that the individual whose health improves, directly improves the health of the organization.

Identify the Causes   |
Every sick leave application has an underlying cause, often in aspects of the lifestyle, diet or habits and stress responses of the individual. Our contractors are trained to find and address the underlying cause of ongoing sick leave.  Injuries and accidents that endure prolonged resolution are considered here.

Treat the Whole Environment  |
View the organisation as an integrated whole in all of its dimensions. By supporting the parts, the whole is equipped to thrive.


Doctor as Teacher   |
Education for employees in achieving and maintaining excellent health through our presentations, visual aids, lunchroom articles and information, posters and workshops.

Prevention   |
Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention for the individual and during large organisation changes.  Supporting healthy and vibrant change management strategies, support before change arrives, anticipate barriers to smooth transitions, learn from past failures to regulate future outcomes.


Below is a snapshot of how we support your organisation in achieving wellness at work.















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