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Keynote Speaking




There is no honour greater, then to be a great orator.

Standing in front of my audience and reach into your world, with stories and learning is my passion.  


I believe that by blending humour, visuals, well chosen quotations and factual data, I stimulate curiosity in my  audience to want to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.   


I use multimedia methods and some experiential activities and demonstrations in my presentations to deliver thought provoking, empowering, inspirational and educational messages to my participants.


KEY NOTE TOPICS:    30, 60 or 90 minutes durations:

  • The Pursuit of Endless Energy

  • The Poetry of a Healthy Mission Statement 

  • The Five Executives of Wellness at Work

  • Healthy Happy and Vital

  • Burn Out Prevention

  • Flick The Habit, Changing Addictive Behaviour

  • Pros and Cons, Trigger Identification, Commitment Gauge

  • Food, Weight and Feeling Great: Prepare the Home, Prepare the People

  • Rituals for Success: Cementing your Commitment

  • Countdown to a New Life

  • Tap Your Way Out of The Stress Pit in Your Stomach

  • Harnessing the Hormone Highway

Or - ask me to customise a presentation just for your team or event.


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