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Naturopathic  Sports Support


After identifying a need in the fitness industry to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts  overcoming their health hurdles whilst pursuing their sport of choice, I have a number of support programs that addresses how to navigate around these speed bumps.


I offer therapeutic solutions and blend my knowledge and experience using herbal, nutritional and homeopathic remedies to support your progress and results.  Where needed, tests will and can be arranged for - hormone testing, adrenal testing, detoxification profiles, hair mineral analysis, cholesterol and glucose and food intolerances.  Wherever your health is getting in the way of your training, exercise and sporting goals, we will uncover the problem and find workable solutions for you and coach you on the implementation of them.

Mindset is an absolute must when it comes to reaching your athletic goals, and my EFT Tapping sessions are a perfect way to effectively shift you into high gear mentally and emotionally with a clear and focused head.






Set Point Reset for Healthy Weight and Composition    30 minutes

These programs are focused on weight loss as a side effect of healthy eating and living and using the right forms of nutrition for your body to achieve its natural healthy weight and body composition.


 I'll  take into consideration the many factors involved in your weight challenges and address them all methodically and with great care and respect.  During this session, we take a detailed history from you  so I can uncover the drivers to your current concerns.  I will ask you about your usual eating patterns over the past week to give us a snapshot on your food and beverage intake and timing.  Some in clinic assessments on weight, measurements and flexibility are performed, and you will be given more tools with which to help monitor your progress.  At each follow-up session, you will be reassessed on these values.  This helps us assess your progress and also where you may be potentially hitting plateau moments.  At the end of this session, you will receive a diet plan and some recipes to get you started.  At your consecutive coaching sessions, we can discuss your maintenance or plateau busting approach as you near your goals.







Overtraining Syndrome Prevention & Management  30 minutes

For all of us, we have a limit to how far we can physically and mentally push ourselves. 


If you have experienced a chronic infection, illness or injury and then found it more difficult to train as hard as you used to, or you hit the wall sooner into your training; you may be a candidate for Over Training Syndrome.  There is nothing to be ashamed about if this happens, and it is surprising to know that many athletes experience this at least once in their sporting career.  


During this session, we find out on your health history timeline where you may have started the trajectory towards this outcome, then work back from there to put strategies into place to improve your resilience and recovery to exercise and stress.  Moving past this condition is one of the most critical factors in anyone's training program in our opinion - it can be the difference between giving up completely, or pushing on when your body feels naturally geared to.  Our herbal and nutritional formulas pack a powerful punch when it comes to post-viral fatigue and chronic fibromyalgia/fatigue conditions.








Recovery-Rehabilitation & Pain Management  30 Minutes


There is nothing more distressing to a athlete than being injured, or having an injury impede their sporting performance, no matter what sport you play.  This session targets how we can alleviate the length of time your body needs for full and complete recovery within the expected limitations of the seriousness of your injury.  Many times we exceed these expectations because they aren't built on what we do in this situation.  Nutrient repletion is vital here and specific nutrients are required for the healing process in therapeutic doses.  Mindset also becomes an important factor here and we will cover this in your recovery and pain management using EBEFT Tapping predominately.



















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