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Aren't birthdays fun?

Some say yes, some say no. I love birthdays personally, and I don't care who it is who is celebrating. It could be me, it could be you - I just love celebrating! What happens when you are not in the mood to do any celebrating? Fake it till you make it I say! Smile because it feels good anyway! To celebrate my birthday (3rd August) and the birth of our new look website, if you are in the mood, I am offering you a special birthday gift in return for your honest feedback, suggestions and participation. If you don't feel like it, and faking it till you make it is not on your to do list right now, you can come back until the end of August or leave it all together - that's the beauty of choices!

If you are playing along, here are your questions: 1. If you are a patient of mine current or past, what was the most useful piece of advice or support you have received so far from our interactions? 2. If you have gone off track with your health, and you were able to wave a magic wand as to the type of support you need to bring you back on track and keep you there 80% of the time, what would that be? 3. If I could do anything differently that would enhance your experience with me as your Naturopath/Homeopath/Clinical EFT Practitioner/Workplace Wellness Facilitator/Professional Speaker - what would that be? 4. If there is one thing about your health and wellbeing that is still on your To Do list, what would that be? THANK YOU! YOUR GIFT?

Check your inbox for your voucher and thank you again for your participation!



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