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Sometimes You Have To Break It - For It To Come Together Again

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

This is a particularly longer blog piece and I make no apology for that. This piece contains thought provoking chunks!

Its mind boggling, sometimes, how life change shift and change around you so quickly. It never ceases to amaze me that in one moment you can be going about your business/busyness and in a few seconds later, you’re on your proverbial screeching in pain, wondering what just happened…and on the precipice of a new chapter in life.


Accidents are no accidents some say, and last Saturday - I had a ‘no - accident’. After coming home from a surf comp with my daughter, I started busily cleaning up in preparation for a reorganisation of a section of my home, which I am still settling into after the move a few months back (July).

A part of my home had some termite damage which was minor, but still yet to be remediated - including a bottom stair to my garage which threatened to trap the foot of a couple of others prior to mine. The term ‘coming a gutser’ is literally how I went down, and the first twist of the foot was instantly telling me I had done some damage, but the following recoil with twice the velocity, was the telltale that I indeed, became a victim of my undone to do list.


Following an excruciating journey on my butt from the scene of my ‘oopsy daisy’ to the lounge to wait for transportation to arrive in the form of my incredibly supportive partner Paul - who was on the 18th hole at the time - I began my treatment protocol immediately in the form of high potency Arnica. It was the first thing I hollered for after my phone and thank goodness I did as not only was it brilliant in settling the intensity of the pain down, I also settled mentally very quickly too (it is great for shock and trauma both physically and emotionally).

Having regained my faculties for a moment, I observed an interesting twist in my thoughts (pun totally intended) about what was happening around me. Here’s how it went:

1. I knew instantly that I had sustained some decent damage if not ligament wise, in the form of a fracture judging by the sounds I heard emanating after each directional twist aforementioned. I also knew I had to get my head around being off my feet for sometime in the near future, despite my ever growing to do list of jobs around the house and my business.

2. I also knew that the ‘no - accident ‘ may have been avoidable had the stair gotten fixed, and that I could have called an ambulance and not had to wait for Paul, had I gotten to changing that subscription over to my new address - one of the items still on my to do list - but that that is not what this is all about.

3. In knowing point 2, I then realised that this incident was bigger than all that anyway, and it represented not the annoying interruption to my previous direction and planning in life, but more so a redirection of change, forced by rest and reset.

4. In coming to terms with point 3 whilst waiting for Paul to arrive, I started to get a little interested, if not excited, in where this forced rest was going to take me. You see, at the bottom of my to do list was to shift around how I work to allow me to create a new balance of working and playing/resting where I can reach more people globally…

5.Had I stuck to my to do list and finalised remediation of those stairs and I didn’t experience enforced rest and redirection from that stair, something else would have happened to ‘slow me down’ as it was obviously in my future to do so.

6. Once I had gotten ‘comfortable’ with my elevated limb, it was time to turn the to do list upside down and start at the bottom - because everything else on that list required an abled body person to complete them…except the last one - to write more content and programs for online engagement with my audience.

7. My old to do list was actually slowing me down and distracting me away from reaching my goals and dreams, not taking me closer to it!

Simply put, this has been a fantastic shift in direction already, a little painful - but what pertinent life changes aren’t?


Going against what was already in motion for me was useless. My daughter and I were due to leave in a few days to Newcastle for a major surf competition, and I was in no way going to be able to drive her. There’s no point grieving that fact, it just had to be accepted and alternative arrangements must be made, or pull out of the comp.

I had a lot of rearranging to do, and a new era was dawning on us both where she would have to become more independent (14years) and step up to help me out with all the finer details of running a house and caring for someone else, and I would have to let her. My learning has become her learning and together we have navigated artfully through this blip on our radar, and incredible things have transpired as a result.

Instead of being overly anxious and worried about leaving me and embarking on this away comp without me by her side, she was looking happily forward to going (partly because the caring role is just not quite her cup of tea and a break was needed). This is where for us, my break became our lucky break! From this day forward, her approach to everything will change as it relates to my being there to make things right! Another amazing outcome to a break in my transmission is she will have worked out how to do this for herself.

Currently she is travelling with some kick ass friends, having never done this before without me. Most of the prep she had to do herself with a little direction from me, whilst attending to my needs as well. She has been amazing and has done me proud - there is no mistaking that. We are very close however lately I had started to feel the need to encourage a few snips of the apron strings to allow me to focus on other things.


This ‘no-accident’ has certainly served its purpose. She competes today, without her mother nibbling her ear off, without our routine pre heat prep and little sign we do to each other (inspired by Finding Nemo) and without the familiar surroundings of her home to offer her comfort.

I on the other hand have learned to embrace deep rest, time out in stillness, allowing help to come my way and graciously accept it, and to experience a whole new level of love and companionship that I had to date, never known.

This ‘no-accident’ was most definitely put here on purpose!

AFTERNOTE My healing is well and truly underway and with very little pain medication (2 doses only) so my fracture recovery program is going well so far. I’ve never had to do this for myself, but I am first hand experiencing the benefits of natural therapies in supporting the body’s natural healing.

For those who are in need of natural fracture or soft tissue recovery solutions after 'no-accidents', I am releasing my #RecoveryRehabiliation program shortly - please keep an eye on my NEW updated website for further information on this and many other online programs coming your way soon!


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